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Theme music by Poets of the Fall. Used with permission.

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Podcast #210 - A Yo-Yo Week    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 5 Jul 2017

- Wonder Woman breaks the $700M mark
- Wonder Woman has become the highest-grossing movie of the DCEU domestically
- Interactive moviemaking technology will be unveiled
- Samsung's "The Frame" TV is now available
- Rather than make content available globally, studios decide to form (yet another) anti-piracy group
- The Mummy will lose almost $100M
- Jurassic World sequel will be called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
- Why the Han Solo directors were fired
- Ron Howard steps in for Han Solo movie
- Trailer: Terminator 2: 3D
- Eighth Saw movie will be called Jigsaw
- Top Gun: Maverick set for 2019 with a new director
- Daniel Day-Lewis retires from acting
- No surprise: lots of drugs found in Carrie Fisher's system
- Cinematic Universes are not good for those who don't follow franchises
- The Dark Tower is actually a sequel
- Trailer: Annabelle: Creation
- That viral Toy Story origin tale is BS
- Infinity War will feature more than 30 characters in just one scene
- SFX: War for the Planet of the Apes
- The Book of Life is getting a sequel
- Deadpool 2 production has started
- Schumacher is still apologizing for Batman & Robin

Podcast #209 - The Stinky Studio    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 17 June 2017

- Disney appears to be getting ready to release Ultra HD Blu-rays
- Sharp sues Hisense for deliberately making bad TVs
- Wonder Woman sets the record for lowest 1st-to-2nd weekend drop of all modern superhero movies
- Actually, Patty Jenkins has not signed up for the Wonder Woman sequel
- World's largest privately-owned Star Wars collection was robbed
- Original Luke Skywalker lightsaber is up for auction
- Los Angeles is getting an Alamo Drafthouse
- Trailer: Coco
- Teaser: Black Panther
- Sony announces a "Clean Version" initiative for provide TV/airline edits...
- ...until several directors show opposition to the initiative...
- ...and Sony relents for directors who don't want to participate
- Cannonball Run is getting a "relaunch"(???)
- Simon Kinberg will direct Dark Phoenix
- Death Wish remake gets a November launch date
- VFX breakdowns for Logan
- Production wraps up on new Tomb Raider
- Danny Elfman brought in to score Justice League
- Starship Troopers animated sequel will be shown in theaters for one day only
- Trailer: Goodbye Christopher Ryan
- Trailer: Reset
- Trailer: Flatliners
- Trailer: Warner Bros. approved fan-film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir
- Top Gun: Maverick plot (man vs. drones) with no release date yet
- Terry Gilliam wraps up shooting on Don Quixote after 17 years

Podcast #208 - Critics and Covfefe    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 3 June 2017

- Subtitles pose a security risk (yes, seriously)
- What movie critics are supposed to look for
- Why critics shouldn't be blamed when blockbusters fail (and I kind of agree -- kind of)
- Don't look for deleted scenes on the Wonder Woman DVD/Blu-ray
- Alamo Drafthouse will have had a women-only Wonder Woman screening...
- ...and for whatever reason some men felt ridiculously outraged
- Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Definitive Preview
- 71 behind-the-scenes photos for Star Wars 40th anniversary
- Another plea to Disney and Lucasfilm to officially release the original trilogy
- The X-Men franchise takes a turn towards horror
- Top Gun sequel will be called Top Gun: Maverick
- The John Wick and John Wick 2 team return for John Wick 3
- Schwarzenegger says that he will be back for next Terminator movie
- Resident Evil is getting rebooted already
- The Boss Baby 2 coming in 2021
- The Internet is wrong (shock!) about Transformers: Last Knight being 3-hours long
- The Jetsons is getting a movie
- Angry Birds 2 coming on 2019
- Roland Emmerich will tackle Midway
- Universal's next monster movie will be Bride of Frankenstein
- Charlie's Angels coming in 2019
- Trailer: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (final)
- Trailer: Logan Lucky
- Teaser: Murder on the Orient Express
- Guy who sued his date gets his money back (but still presents himself as an idiot)

Podcast #207 - Weird Klingons Are Weird    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 21 May 2017

- The reason why big-screen (65+") TVs cost as much as they do
- AACS 2.0 might not have been cracked after all
- Netflix will not be available for unlocked Android phones, let alone rooted phones
- The Death of VHS - And What We Lost
- Kodak is opening more film processing centers to handle newly-found demand
- No, MP3 is not dead. It's free.
- King Arthur could lose $150M
- Even the critics think that Wonder Woman is a great movie! (What??)
- 65 on-set and behind-the scenes Wonder Woman photos
- Tom Hardy will be Venom
- Star Trek: Discovery has a new trailer and I'm not impressed
- Netflix is making a Dark Crystal prequel mini-series
- Trailer: Transformers: The Last Night
- Behind-the-scenes: The Mummy, Tom Cruise stunts
- Hellboy is coming back without Del Toro or Perlman
- Don't expect Wolverine to be re-cast any time soon
- Trailer: War for the Planet of the Apes (final)
- Hackers threaten to release newest Pirates of the Caribbean
- Wonder Woman sequel is already in development
- Trailer: The Emoji Movie
- An hour of Terminator 2 is recreated in GTA V
- Fan made 8-bit 16-bit Last Jedi trailer gets Rian Johnson's approval
- Austin man sues date for texting during movie (no, this isn't an Onion article)

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- TGP Extra 1.1 - Mark and I talk about Eurovision 2017
- TGP Nominal 3.12

Podcast #206 - Her Loyalty Is Not To The Fans    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 7 May 2017

- RCA will start to offer Roku TVs
- Samsung and Amazon offer open standard HDR10+
- NVIDIA Shield TV can now stream UHD content from Google Play
- Hulu joins the cord-cutting TV crowd for $40/month with a catch
- AACS 2.0 might have been cracked
- The Promise will lose $80M to serve a higher purpose
- Power Rangers adds to the list of 2017 flops
- Fate of the Furious earns over $1B globally
- Logan Noir gets a one-day screening at Alamo Drafthouse
- Logan Blu-ray release will have three different exclusives in the US
- Trailer: The Dark Tower
- Absolutely Anything, Robin William's last film, will have a limited release this month
- James Gunn agrees with me that "spoilers" don't really spoil anything
- Trailer: Dunkirk
- Disney announces a bunch of release dates...
- ...and so does Fox
- Kathleen Kennedy shows an idiotic loyalty to George Lucas
- The actual Avengers 4 title is apparently a spoiler
- Jeff Goldblum joins Jurassic World sequel
- Trailer: Kingsman: The Golden Circle
- Avatar sequels will start arriving in 2020
- Trailer: Blade Runner 2049
- Clint Eastwood's next film is The 15:17 to Paris
- Final Trailer: Wonder Woman
- Patty Jenkins already has plans for a Wonder Woman sequel
- Downey, Jr's Doctor Dolittle moved to avoid a Star Wars catastrophe
- Alien: Covenant In Utero VR experience is released
- Jason Momoa talks about setting the tone for Aquaman
- Edge of Tomorrow 2 will be Live Die Repeat and Repeat
- James Gunn really thinks you should see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in IMAX
- Ant-Man and the Wasp gets an open casting call in Atlanta
- Trailer: Cars 3
- Fan-Made Trailer: Back to the Future 4

Podcast #205 - With the Teaser Comes the Clickbait    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 21 Apr 2017

- Fate of the Furious has a massive $530+ million global opening
- Teaser (and I stress teaser): Star Wars: The Last Jedi
- The mysterious planet in the Last Jedi teaser is Crait
- Tour the Han Solo set in latest Force for Change contest
- Carrie Fisher will not appear in Episode IX
- Coming to America is getting a sequel
- New Labyrinth movie is in the works
- James Gunn is returning for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3
- Dolph Lundgren makes his Hollywood return in Aquaman
- Red-band trailer: The Hitman's Bodyguard
- Captain Marvel finds its directors
- Jude Law will play young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts sequel
- Josh Brolin will play Cable in Deadpool 2
- If you love scary movies and want to pitch your idea for an independent film, here's your chance
- Trailer: Detroit
- Baywatch will be "far dirtier" than the TV series
- Red-band trailer: Atomic Blonde
- Trailer: Transformers: The Last Knight
- Red-band trailer: The Little Hours
- A new animated Ghost in the Shell is in production
- Teaser: Thor: Ragnarock
- Wonder Woman box office tracking is below expectations but some reasons are dumb
- MGM faces class-action lawsuit over James Bond box set

Podcast #204 - Spoiler Crybabies Again    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 9 Apr 2017

- XBOX One and One S get DTS:X and Dolby Atmos
- CinemaCon shows off digital theater screens
- Venice Film Festival will now have a VR competition
- Paramount exec blames Ghost in the Shell failure on whitewashing
- Schwarzenegger says he's not done with Terminator
- We Happy Few getting a movie adaptation
- Trailer: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
- Rumor: Joss Whedon in talks to write and direct Batgirl movie
- Trailer: Justice League
- Ignore the rumors: Justice League is not 170 minutes long
- Studio Ghibli will release one of their classic animations every month for the next six months
- Teaser: It
- Second Wreck It Ralph movie titled Ralph Breaks The Internet
- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is getting an animated release
- Michael Bay explains why you need to see Transformers: The Dark Knight in IMAX 3D
- Mission: Impossible 6 shooting in IMAX 3D
- Trailer: Spider-Man: Homecoming
- Whiners are complaining about "Too many spoilers!" in Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer
- Baby Driver bumped up to June
- DCEU coming to virtual reality
- HTC and Spielberg will use Ready Player One to push more VR
- Rumor: Ridley Scott will direct a movie based on the Battle of Britain
- Trailer: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
- First images of Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider
- The Last Jedi will not be changed due to Carrie Fisher's death
- Carrie Fisher will (somehow) appear in Episode IX
- Universal will release doomsday movie Extinction in Winter 2018
- Escape from New York remake gets Robert Rodriguez as director
- Behind-the-scenes photos from Beetlejuice
- Shia LaBeouf's Man Down sells one ticket in the UK on its opening weekend
- Mark Hamill joins Bad Lip Reading for The Force Awakens

Podcast #203 - The Return of Pan-and-Scan    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 24 Mar 2017

- Sony's new OLED 4K TV starts out at a whopping $5K
- The CIA reaffirms my dislike for Smart TVs that are a bit too smart
- BritBox is a new streaming service for BBC/ITV aficionados
- Netflix explores pan-and-scan for phones
- Beauty and the Beast sets numerous records
- North by Northwest is returning to the big screen
- Spider-Man spinoff Venom to be released in October 2018
- Aquaman pushed back two months to Dec. 2018
- Dwayne Johnson's newest disaster movie will be Towering Inferno redux (sort of)
- Trailer: Despicable Me 3
- The Fly is being remade ... again
- The Matrix is being rebooted
- Trailer: Baby Driver
- Rumor: The Batman script will be written from scratch
- Suicide Squad 2 gets the Legend of Tarzan writer
- Recreating the amazing Ghost in the Shell shelling sequence
- Aquaman is not CGI in those underwater sequences
- Trailer: Wonder Woman
- 1968 Mustang from Bullitt is supposedly found
- Todd McFarlane wants a Stan Lee cameo in Spawn
- MGM is making an Overboard remake (yes, seriously...)
- Jason Momoa to star in Just Cause, based on the video game
- Teaser: Geostorm
- Hollywood seems to have an infatuation with Robin Hood
- Yes, Virginia, there will be an Indiana Jones 5
- Mexico-based Cineopolis wants your kids to annoy you during movies

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